Support Youth Development in Lebanon


The project “Support Youth Development in Lebanon” aims to contribute to these goals by providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Youth Forum to advance youth issues and needs in Lebanon via the implementation of the National Youth Policy. The British Council, in collaboration with the American University of Beirut, implements this EU-funded project.

This project is funded by the European Union under the Social Justice Programme, which is comprised of eight projects. The programme’s objective is to advocate for democracy, human rights and social justice in Lebanon, promoting good governance and gender equality at its core. Overall, the programme supports the strengthening of the institutional framework for the protection of human rights and the development of democratic governance in Lebanon.

Budget, timeframe, scope, beneficiaries
Implementation period: 18 July 2016 - 18 July 2018
Beneficiaries: Ministry of Youth and Sports and Youth Forum
Budget: € 700,000
Overall objective:Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Youth Forum to implement the National Youth Policy and advance youth development in Lebanon.

Project purpose

• Enhancing the organizational and institutional capacity of both the Ministry of Youth & Sport and the Youth Forum
• Devising the tools, mechanisms and strategies necessary to advocate for the implementation of the National Youth Policy
• Establishing a shared co-operation, governance and accountability model between various youth stakeholders in Lebanon.


1. Social media strategy workshops:
A series of social media strategy training sessions were delivered to the ministry of Youth and Sports staff in January and February 2018. At the end of the workshops, the participants drafted a 6 months social media strategy for the ministry's upcoming social media platforms launch.
2. Consultation meetings:
The project ran a series of consultation meetings with youth across the country to raise awareness around the National Youth Policy and identify their emergent needs and concerns under the five sectors of the policy. There is a strong belief that if Lebanese youth were to seek more engagement in civil and political decision making, then they should be the prime advocates for changing policies and procedures that influence their lives. Through these consultations meetings, youth were given a chance to raise their voice and suggest the appropriate procedures to resolve their local issues. The consultation meetings were organised between October and December 2017, in partnership with local non-governmental organisations and were delivered in the following areas: Saida, Jbeil, Hermel, Tripoli, Akkar, Nabatiyeh, Beirut, Chouf. The findings of these consultation meetings formed the basis of an advocacy strategy for Lebanese youth.
3. The Youth Advisory Group (YAG):
The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) met on a quarterly basis to ensure a youth perspective is provided on all issues directly related to young Lebanese people. Its members include representatives from youth NGOs, the Youth Forum, the public and private sectors. Within its scope of work, YAG will support the steering committee in identifying issues related to youth in different areas and provide advice on how to approach them. It will also provide a forum to communicate project-related key messages to influential youth actors.


What is being done?
The PoliYouth project is working on several actions, namely:
• Developing a “Monitor” software for the Youth Forum to improve its capability to monitor the operationalization of the National Youth Policy
• Legalising /formalising the status of the Youth Forum with the aim to sustain its functions and implement the National Youth Policy.
• Conducting a training workshop addressed to a number of media personnel to acquaint them with the National Youth Policy and to equip them with the necessary skills needed to become major advocates for it.
• Developing a communication strategy coupled with a plan of action for the Ministry of Youth and Sports and for the Youth Forum
• Setting out Youth Policy priorities and a shared action plan
• Implementing capacity building programmes to allow involvement of youth in the implementation of the Youth Policy.
• Conducting training sessions on advocacy skills targeted at 25 youth from different NGOs, based on the training module developed by the project. The objective of the training is to equip young people with the needed skills to enable them to advocate for issues and concerns under the youth policy.
• Building consensus and testing out options to improve the advisory and accountability mechanisms for the implementation of the National Youth Policy
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