Success Stories

When talk leads to action

"Promotion of Social Dialogue" in Lebanon reaps many rewards for social justice

Vast numbers of workers in Lebanon can be considered vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion, a situation compounded by the country’s limited welfare system and a government challenged in its ability to pass laws due to political impasses. To this backdrop, the EU-funded project “Promotion of Social Dialogue in Lebanon” took up the mission to reinforce tripartite partnership and civil society organisations concerned in social dialogue, at both the national and local level ... Read More >

Taking social dialogue across Lebanon

EU-funded labour workshops foster dialogue toward social justice

Within the framework of the European Union-funded "Technical Assistance to Support the Promotion of Social Dialogue in Lebanon" project, a series of workshops began in April 2018 with the aim of promoting social dialogue across Lebanon on the topic of labour, and specifically raising awareness of the role of the Ministry of Labour, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and National Employment Office (NEO) ... Read More >