Labour Law and Employment


A vast number of working Lebanese can be considered vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion. In addition, the social protection system is very fragmented and provides only a limited range of benefits.

In recent years, the Lebanese Government has not been able to pass through Parliament the necessary laws, regulations and policies in these regards due to weakened institutions and a political impasse. At the same time, workers’ and employers’ organisations are struggling to respond to the needs of workers and enterprises alike.

Social dialogue is an effective instrument for a better governance and promotion of social and economic reforms, especially when it comes to addressing the interest and needs of workers and enterprises. It opens doors and allows for the development of mutual trust among the different economic actors and the Government, helping to prevent social unrest and maintain social cohesion. The EU-funded project Support Promotion of Social Dialogue in Lebanon is aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Government of Lebanon and the Lebanese social partners and civil society to be promoters of social dialogue in order to strengthen social protection, and improve and enforce labour legislation.
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