Drugs Prevention and Treatment


Drug use and access to drug use prevention and treatment services are important issues in Lebanon. An analysis conducted by NGOs with rehabilitation and treatment centers on the weaknesses in the policy framework and gaps in the provision of drug use prevention, as well as treatment and care services for people who use drugs – in particular young people – showed the need for better infrastructures to address the issue in Lebanon.

Under the SJP, the EU is currently funding two projects to support the Lebanese government with this issue: Young People and Drugs: A new Participatory Approach for Lebanon, and the Community-based action for drug abuse prevention and support for substance abusers in Tripoli. The projects’ main objectives are to improve the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and government organisations to address problems related to drug use among young people in Lebanon. In doing so the projects specifically look at participatory approaches in policy development, improving services, and ensuring evidence-based interventions that promote the health and human rights of young people. The projects also aim to decentralise centers offering drug use prevention and treatment services.
Success Stories