About the Social Justice Programme (SJP)

The Social Justice Programme (SJP) is funded by the European Union with a total budget of 9 million Euros. The overall objective of the programme is to promote democracy, human rights and social justice in Lebanon.

The programme is articulated in three main components:

• Democratic governance;
• Promotion and protection of Human Rights;
• Social Justice.

Under this programme, the following technical assistance projects were implemented:

1. Gender Equity and Empowerment of Women in Lebanon;
2. Support to the Promotion of Social Dialogue in Lebanon;
3. Support to Parliamentary Development in Lebanon;
4. Assisting Lebanon in the implementation of recommendations from international human rights mechanisms including the UPR;
5. Support Youth Development in Lebanon;
To better engage the Civil Society Organisations in addressing youth and gender rights, three grants were signed with 3 different Civil Society Organisations. The selection of grant beneficiaries was based on the results of launching two calls for proposal which are currently implementing the following initiatives;
6. Dawric - Direct Action for Women: Reform, Inclusion and Confidence;
7. Community-based action for drug abuse prevention and support for substance abusers in Tripoli;
8. Young People and Drugs: A new Participatory Approach for Lebanon.